Struggling to get clean, effortless tonguing?

There is nothing more frustrating than having a problem and not knowing how to fix it.

Is your flute tonguing heavy, slow, and fluffy? This is not uncommon. The problem is often that you have the wrong idea about tonguing and this is holding you back. Tonguing in the wrong spot in your mouth, or using your tongue in the wrong way are among some of the greatest mistakes that students make.

This month, we are taking on your articulation!

Over the course of June, we are carving out some time and space to dive into our articulation. We will look at what it is, how to  practice it, what common mistakes students make that hold them back and more. 

The best part? 

We are doing this TOGETHER as a community.

Hi, I'm Tatiana

I am deeply passionate about helping people from all over the world learn the flute and grow their love for this beautiful instrument.

As a performer, teacher, and serial problem solver, I love helping students find creative ways to overcome their challenges. And I usually do this with a good dose of laughter. Because here at The Flute Practice, we believe that high-quality learning can also be lots of fun.

Join the journey starting on June 8

Sign up for this 3-week step -by-step program which includes:

  • Online video course (starting 8 June)

    On the 8th of June, we kick off with a 3-week online video course. This includes weekly video lessons, practice resources, and additional practice materials. You can work on this content anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace!

  • LIVE workshop on Zoom (11 June)

    On the 11th of June at 6 pm Eastern Time, I will be teaching a LIVE workshop, helping you discover some of the biggest mistakes you are making when it comes to articulation on the flute and how to overcome them. This is a chance to get some live input into your playing.

  • Our community!

    We have a vibrant encouraging community here at The Flute Practice and we are giving you exclusive access to it. This includes our Monthly Hangout on the 22nd of June, where you can ask questions, and share your struggles and/or wins!


Here is what our community had to say

5 star rating


Jennifer Morton

This course is very helpful in that Tatiana explained a section and then had us practice. The benefit to me is that she was able to break down the different ...

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This course is very helpful in that Tatiana explained a section and then had us practice. The benefit to me is that she was able to break down the different parts of articulation bringing an awareness as to what I doing and what I needed to do in order to articulate better. Thank you Tatiana!

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5 star rating

Great 😊

Lee-Ann Strelzow

Enjoyed working on one task. Making me focus on one thing was great

Enjoyed working on one task. Making me focus on one thing was great

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5 star rating


Thieng-Uun Hiu

Awesome workshop, very useful

Awesome workshop, very useful

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Get more than just a course

Join now and get access to the articulation course AND a LIVE Zoom articulation workshop

One-on-one flute lessons along with practice resources would easily cost you $250

But you can get this 3-week course with pre-recorded lessons, printable resources, and the 1.5 hour LIVE workshop for only $75.

And... we are doing this course as a community starting on the 8th of June. This means that as a community we are going to work through this course at the same time, sharing our struggles, questions and wins as we go. If you have not joined our community for a course before, you will not want to miss out!


  • What do I need to join a live Zoom session?

    Actually, surprisingly not all that much! A decent smartphone or tablet will often do the trick. The most important aspect is a decent internet connection, but sometimes a good data line works just as well.

  • What level is this workshop for?

    These problems affect players of all levels, so this workshop is suited to players of almost all levels. Very beginner players may struggle to keep up, however, so we recommend this course for Novice - Advanced players.

  • I have never used Zoom before, will I manage?

    Do not worry, you are not alone. Once you sign up, we have included some instructions on how to use Zoom. It is much easier than you may think! Plus, we are hear to help you through the setup process, so you can email us at any point if you are struggling!

  • What if I sign up and cannot attend the session?

    The beauty of online learning: RECORDINGS! We record the session and you can watch the session in your own time and work through the content. Of course, we really suggest you clear your schedule and try to attend, but if it is not possible, you can watch it later!

Join the journey!

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