Mind, Body, Flute

Did you know that doing physical stretches before during and after practice is so important for healthy and happy practicing.

  • It loosens up your body and helps you play with greater ease

  • It helps prevent pain and injury

  • It helps clear your mind and get you into the right space

Join us for this 7-day journey

7 warm up videos for every practice day

We know how unbelievably important your bodies are. Without them, you cannot play the flute. Having a released free body will not only reduce your chances of developing pain and stiffness from practice, it also can improve the quality of your practice by giving your body and mind a sense of ease.

Meet Jess

Pilates instructor

Jess Salter

Jess Salter is a Pilates instructor at Salter Pilates Studio. She specializes in helping people from all over the globe find stronger, healthier, and happier bodies through movement. She is especially passionate in helping those who suffer from pain and injury, find mobility and regain their physical and mental health. Her gentle, unique approach to moving the body along with her bubbly personality with help uplift and inspire not just your practice day, but the rest of your day too!