What you will learn

This course is carefully crafted to improve your articulation whether you are a novice or advanced player. We have separated the content so you know what to practice for your level!

  • Get lighter, clearer and faster articulation.

  • Give your tongue a good work out in different articulation patterns.

  • Understand the fundamentals of articulation and discover more nuance in your phrasing and shaping.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Video: Attack and decay of notes

    • Practice resource (Week 1)

    • Practice suggestions and challenges

  3. 3
    • Video: Clarity, speed and lightness

    • Practice resource (Week 2)

    • Practice suggestions and challenges

  4. 4
    • Video: Articulation patterns

    • Practice resource (week 3)

    • Practice suggestions and challenges

What you will receive

  • Weekly video lessons

    The course is spaced out over 3 weeks and every week you receive a clear, concise, and very informative video to help you through the week's exercises.

  • Weekly practice resources

    To help you on your practice journey during the course and in the weeks to come, we have designed a step-by-step practice resource for you. Print it out, scribble all over it and watch how you learn and grow.

  • Join the community

    We believe that learning alone is fun, but learning together is better. We give you 3-month access to our exclusive Flute Practice Club group. Post your practice progress, get weekly challenges, and become surrounded by a supportive and encouraging community of flutists from all over the world!


Here is what our community had to say

5 star rating

Great 😊

Lee-Ann Strelzow

Enjoyed working on one task. Making me focus on one thing was great

Enjoyed working on one task. Making me focus on one thing was great

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5 star rating


Thieng-Uun Hiu

Awesome workshop, very useful

Awesome workshop, very useful

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