Do you struggle with your thoughts while playing?

We play music because we love it. I am sure each one of you picked up the flute because musically you love to express yourselves through this instrument but sometimes this can be frustrating. Many musicians (professional and amateur) struggle with this too. Sometimes we allow our thoughts to get in the way of our playing and in the process, we lose our confidence and our enjoyment. How does one get to the point where you can psychologically enjoy what you're doing without having to try so hard?

Join us for a LIVE workshop

And let me guide you on the journey of becoming a more confident flutist!

On the 16th of July at 12 pm ET, (Find out what time that is for you HERE) we will be meeting for a LIVE workshop on Zoom. In this workshop we will be doing the following:

  1. Work through what you should practice and the mindset you should approach it with. 
  2. Focus on the aspects required to become a more confident flutist. 
  3. Work on exercises designed to help you overcome these challenges, step-by-step.
  4. I will take some time at the end of the session to work with a few of you, uncovering your specific challenges and helping you find solutions.
  5. Take some time to answer all your questions!

 As always, we will be doing some hard work and lots of learning, but having a lot of fun in the process. 

Get your seat now!

This workshop takes place in...

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  • What do I need to join a live Zoom session?

    Actually, surprisingly not all that much! A decent smartphone or tablet will often do the trick. The most important aspect is a decent internet connection, but sometimes a good data line works just as well.

  • What level is this workshop for?

    Confidence affects players of all levels, so this workshop is suited to players of all levels.

  • I have never used Zoom before, will I manage?

    Do not worry, you are not alone. Once you sign up, we have included some instructions on how to use Zoom. It is much easier than you may think! Plus, we are hear to help you through the setup process, so you can email us at any point if you are struggling!

  • What if I sign up and cannot attend the session?

    The beauty of online learning: RECORDINGS! We record the session and you can watch the session in your own time and work through the content. Of course, we really suggest you clear your schedule and try to attend, but if it is not possible, you can watch it later!