Here's what to expect

This course is about so much more than just learning and playing your scales. You will learn to use them to make tangible improvements in your flute playing.

  • Learn your the scales up to 2 sharps and flats with weekly videos and sheet music.

  • Improve your tone, breathing, support, articulation, fingers and more with clear guided practice videos.

  • Discover how you can use scales to practice more strategically and efficiently with practice plans, suggestions and tips.

Bonus material

You get more than just a course, you get a lifetime of practice!

  • The Flute Practice Scale Book

    You get a digital copy of my brand new flute practice scale book with all the scales and exercises, practice suggestions, inspiration, and guidance.

  • Coupon to buy the physical book

    We know how wonderful it is to hold a book in your hand, smell its pages and scribble on it with a pencil, so we are giving you a discount code to buy the physical book!

  • Join the community

    You do not need to do this journey alone! Get access to a vibrant and supportive practice community as we work through this course together!

Here's what our community is saying about the course...

Loving the course

Lee-Ann S

Well broken down for each level. Once I read through the instructions, I found it easy to follow and lots of little tidbits and gems of ideas to practice. It's like a little TATIANA voice inside saying, relax, breath from the belly remember your wings. Also, it's not overwhelming like so many scale books and courses. This is tailored to me, at my level. I can, though look ahead and see where I am going with this and the challenges to come, in the upper levels. Makes you realize this is a lifelong process and you can always get better. Enjoying it.

Scales! Scales! Scales! Major, Minor, Harmonic, Melodic, whole tone scales!

Suzanne B

I used to practice them all at once and was unable to play and remember without looking at my sheet music until I used Tatiana’s method of working one specific scale at the time. This really pushed me to a higher level of performance and speed naturally came with the proposed exercises in the book. Excellent book!

Exactly the right motivation at the right time.

R Allard

I am part of The Flute Practice’s wonderful virtual community. I’ve watched so many lousy videos and heard so much poorly explained or bad advice before finding The Flute Practice. Finally! A space with clear, concise, proper advice and guidance from a knowledgeable caring person who can teach with ‘gentle toughness’. Exactly the right motivation at the right time. Although I have never heard her say it, but I believe that Tatiana and her team feel they have a personal stake in each of us in this community. If I could put as much faith, motivation and positivity into my musicianship as they do, I will indeed become a better musician, and enjoy the journey. I wish the same to you.

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